Natre Grace

What is the difference between Natre’ Grace and other natural products, as well as organic products in the market?

All of Natre’ Grace products are extracted holistically from plants. They are 100% natural, without any addition of other chemicals.

They are 100% natural, without any addition of other chemicals.

As products can be labelled as organic with only 70% of organic ingredients, most commercial products stated as natural/organic can still include other chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to you.

Most natural or organic products that contain plants in their ingredients also do not state whether they are extracted naturally or has an organic origin, which might unintentionally mislead consumers.


What is considered an organic product in the market?

According to NSF (American National Standard), a product requires 70% or more organic ingredients can be defined, labelled and marketed as organic for the product.

We don’t believe this is a good policy.

For example, organic rose water can contain 70% of water just to make up percentages in order to claim itself as an organic product. 30% or less could contain chemical ingredients, but yet still be labelled as organic and natural.


Can Natre’ Grace products clean effectively without the usual chemicals?

Of course!

We are so used to using commercial hair and skin care products that contain harsh chemicals that strip off all natural oils from our skin and hair that you might feel that Natre’ Grace cannot clean effectively. We encourage you to stick with our products for at least a month to see and feel the difference.

Our skin and scalp need natural oils to protect itself from dryness and the invasion of bacteria, when we strip off all natural oils from which will cause our skin or scalp to be oily.

It will also affect our skin’s secretion system in the long term.


How long is the shelf life of a Natre’ Grace product?

The shelf life of Natre’ Grace products are approximately two to three months after opening as no preservatives were added to the products. The product can last for a year if it’s never been open.


How to properly store and care for Natre’ Grace products?

The products should be kept in a cool and dry place.


Is the smell of Natre’ Grace differ?

The smell of Natre’ Grace will differ because it is made from 100% natural ingredients (Pure Essential Oils) without any addition of chemicals like (Fragrance/Perfume).

Fragrance acts as a loophole in the FDA’s regulation of personal care products. They are considered a trade secret under the FAIR PACKAGE AND LABELLING ACT OF 1966, allowing companies to not list ingredients so their formula cannot be replicated easily.

Unfortunately this gives brands an opportunity to add in cost effective, but toxic, chemicals to their products to make a scent that is so called “better” than natural. But chemically unrecognized to a naturally occurring scent!


What are the differences between Natre’ Grace use of essential oils in the products compare to the other essential oils in the market?

Natre’ Grace products use pure essential oil, typically obtained from distillation or cold expression that contains the characteristic fragrance of the plant; basically it’s the ‘body odour’ of the plant.

While, there are many kinds of essential oil in the market. Some may contain additional fragrance as they are not pure. Therefore, we should be careful when purchasing essential oils.


Is there any problem if eaten Natre’ Grace accidentally?

No, because the ingredients used in Natre’ Grace products are extracted from our food source.


Return & Refund Policy

Customers can return the goods/products if they are not satisfied with the goods/products. However, the returned goods/products must be returned within 10 days after received by the customer. Customers need to bear the return shipping fees. Natre’ Grace will also not be responsible if your shipment is lost during the return transit. Once we have checked and confirm receive the goods/products, customer will receive their refund within 7 days after the confirmation.


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