Natre Grace

Our Story

Save your family.Save the Earth. Go natural. Go Natre’ Grace

Until recently, chemicals have been a part of our lives. They’re in everything, from our detergents to our shampoos, feminine washes, and beyond. Most of us are none the wiser, relying on these products throughout the days of our lives. Even the Natre’ Grace team was, years ago, unaware of the damage these chemicals can cause. As soon as we found out, we changed everything…

…But – let’s start from the beginning.

15 years ago, we established a chemical factory producing various household and personal care products. Numerous chemicals were “staples” in our products, including Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Phthalates, Methylisothiazolinone, Alkyl Phenoxyethanols, Artificial Fragrances…things most people can’t pronounce. In fact, most of these ingredients are so hazardous that factory workers must wear safety attire during production. Clearly, these chemicals are toxic. So, why are we putting them on (and in) our bodies?

That’s when our founder, Mr. Tan, dove into research. He swiftly discovered that chemicals like these are primary culprits in numerous human diseases, accumulating in our bodies over time until we start to show symptoms. It’s an insidious process, one which we no longer wanted to support. It’s a vicious cycle, and such chemicals can even be transferred to unborn babies through the umbilical cord during pregnancy.

Beyond bodily harm, toxic chemicals cause air and water pollution, compromising the only planet we have to call home. The Natre’ Grace team was determined to create a range of products that support our environment and natural ecosystems. (In fact, our skincare products are even able to grow bean sprouts!)

Our Team had a new mission – to create a safer, toxin-free skincare line for families. Today, our vision is to create healthier environments and ecosystems for current and future generations, free from chemicals or pollution. After all, human and environmental health are the keys to a better, brighter future.

Over the past 10 years, Mr. Tan continued his research in pursuit of more natural products. His journey inspired everyone around him, including his family, to a point where they joined the mission. As a father himself, our founder’s mission became his sole priority. He also wanted to build a legacy that his family could be proud of, whether they carry on the family business or not.

Our founder and his team’s relentless efforts resulted in the successful creation of Natre’ Grace, rooted in a decade of strenuous research and development. Natre’ Grace is more than a company. We are a family that stands united in our goal to create a better future. Teamwork makes miracles happen, and collaboration makes the impossible, possible. We thank God every day for inspiring us to create our life-changing range of natural products, and guiding us every step of the way. Natre’ Grace can and will escort us into a new world that we can be proud to live in – paved with better well-being for the whole family, from newborn to senior and everyone in-between.