Natre Grace

Baby Series

Ultimate Protection for you and your family

After years of intense research and development, the Natre’ Grace team came to a simple conclusion: Chemicals are bad for the human body. If toxins harm adults, can you just imagine what they can do to vulnerable babies skin? After exploring multiple directions, we decided to put all of our energy and resources into our Natre’ Grace Baby Series, with 0% chemicals for your peace of mind. After all, just 1% of chemicals is enough to cause harm.

As parents, it’s not just our job to protect our babies from daily transdermal toxin exposure. It’s our duty. Newborn babies have incredibly sensitive skin and a weak immune system, after all, and exposure to contaminants can wreak havoc on developing bodies. Research shows that pregnant women face widespread exposure to pollutants, showing up in high levels in newborns.

The thing is, the process is insidious. Continuous use of products containing chemicals causes toxins to build up over time, until they eventually cause symptoms. We MUST protect the skin, the body’s largest organ. Just like your mouth, it absorbs whatever you put on it, spreading chemicals and toxins into every cell of your body.

As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In our case, the “apple” represents healthy lifestyle choices. Prevention is always better than cure, and we must choose 100% natural & 0% chemical products to protect our family and prevent the unimaginable consequences of the alternative.